Dress stylish and following the fashion is an announcing way to the people that how much you are up to date with the fashion. Fashion is a way of walking with the people. Try to walk around in a stylish way. Follow fashion but not too much that you start looking odd and people start thinking about how disgusting you are wearing the thing. Follow in an innocent way and keep yourself look decent and nice in every walk of life. 

Below are some of the tips to keep yourself stylish and decent:





1) Choose the right combination of colors:

Colors are the essential part of clothing and it depicts how much you enjoy your life. Keep changing the color shades in your closet because it helps to look an attractive person. You get to know which color suits best on you.

2) Wear an outfit according to the occasion:

 See where you are going or what place, an occasion you are visiting. It will help you in looking at a person according to the event. For example, if it’s a party of Halloween and you are dress up like a wedding person or casual formal person then it feels like you are not interested in the party and just visited forcefully for keeping your commitment. 


3) Try to match the accessories or make combination according to your dress:

Matching colors of your accessories with the dress make it look cool.  How much you are concerned with a little bit of detailing according to your outfit. If you are not having matching accessories try to make a combination with it.